Sugar Rush – Aug 6, 2021 – Sept 6, 2021

Sugar Rush is a limited time, immersive open-air experience that features a vibrant walk through 50,000 square feet of pure Candytropolis. It features colourful installations, one-of-a kind art displays, live performances, custom parade floats, and candy-powered interactions.  

Address: Square One Shopping Centre, Lot 6
Parking: Free

My 2 Cents:

From end to end, it took our family about 1.5 hrs. to walk through this Candy exhibit, which includes the wait time to line up at each stand to take pictures. Our entrance time was 5pm, so it was still bright outside, but hindsight is 20:20, it may have been better to go in at a later time where they have a lighted night version. At a minimum, it would have been cooler and much more comfortable to be outside. But we can’t complain, mother nature was on our side and at least there was no rain.

While my girls did have a good time going through the exhibits and getting free candy, I think in the end they were slightly bored. It was a lot of neat picture taking, fantastic for Instagram, but waiting to pose for pictures was too much for them vs. actually having something to do. For the full experience, they did get to enjoy cotton candy cones, but again in hindsight, if we had waited further down the exhibits, there was a unique cotton candy burrito that we could have tried. It is cotton candy filled with more candy and 3 scoops of ice cream all rolled up into a burrito, all for $12.00. This is what you call a Sugar Rush! LOL.

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