First and foremost, I am a loving wife and mother to 2 lovely girls. I wear many hats, sometimes multiple hats at a time and at any given time. It would be wrong to take all the credit here, but with support from my husband, I am the chef, housekeeper, event planner, referee, chauffeur, health care provider for the minor scraps and bruises and common colds, counselor… the list goes on. Oh.. did I mention that I ALSO work full time? I am sometimes called the Tiger Mom, Super Mom or just your typical Tired Mom with a sassy attitude towards life.

My mission is to use this forum to blog about all things family related and share my personal opinions, adventures and journey as a parent that may help others along the way.

Thank you for visiting my website!

mommy2cents was founded in 2020, and has been providing quality blog articles to the public ever since.