The Big Toonie Monument in Campbellford Ontario

When I first heard of the Big Toonie, I instantly wanted to go see this monument for myself. It is out in the middle of nowhere, so it really did not make sense to drive 2 hours to spend 10 minutes, snap a few pictures and leave. I definitely could not drag my family out because I had this crazy idea in my head, even with the enticement of the famous butter tarts.

The Big Toonie is located in Campbellford, Ontario. During our trip to Presqu’ile Provincial Park, we made this as one of our stops. It was only an additional 30 mins from the park to get to the Big Toonie. When else would I have the opportunity to go? It was awesome (at least for me) and I am satisfied that I was able to check this out. Apparently there are a lot of big things in Ontario. There is also the Big Loonie in Echo Bay and the Big Nickel in Sudbury, which is further away.

If you are in town, I did read about the famous butter tarts that is a must try and the line ups could be up to an hour. I would have stayed to try it out, but I’m not that big of a butter tart fan to stand in line for over an hour. Other attractions nearby is the Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge that is a must see while in the area as well.

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